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The Future of the Company With the combined experience of our management team, and our new outlook, we’ve already begun negotiations with an Internet business based in the transportation industry. Since we have a World Wide Web business structure already in place through World of and, we believe that e-commerce is a natural venue to explore. Furthermore, we believe that the often overlooked fundamental of commerce in general, the transportation industry, is a prime opportunity for us to explore. CyberArk’s management is thoroughly experienced in the transportation industry; thus, our first major research and development project will service that industry. After completion of this project, we will be able to modify and tailor the program we’ve created as a template to fit numerous other industries, keeping with our broadview policy. A project called TranSource, expected to be launched in 2001, is a Web based Internet publication / portal focusing on all aspects of the transportation industry. This means the company will not be limited to any portion of the industry itself. The service will encompass trucking, logistics, courier services, limousine services, private car services, bus services, etc… The 2 areas of operation will be A Web portal for a wide variety of products and services targeted toward the transportation industry as a whole. Services will be provided in the software service business, consulting and logistics, equipment purchasing/leasing/maintenance, financing alternatives, mergers & acquisitions consulting services. It will aid in driver recruitments, employee screenings, company and individual compliance with safety regulations, etc… An online store providing services and products to the industry. This portion of the site will link to vendors who have been rigorously screened and qualified as to their value to the site. The vendors will take part in a network program offering assistance and large discounts in the following. Fleet discounted insurance, national fleet fuel costs, equipment supply (purchasing, leasing and maintenance) including trucks, trailers, automobiles, limousines, computers, office equipment. The store will be affiliated with several transportation software companies, communications systems providers, fleet repair and emergency services as well as a complete human resources group including payroll, health insurance, worker compensation insurance and profit sharing/retirement plans all offered through the network at major discount. Employer and employees and families alike will be able to take part in and benefit from all the services provided through the store. The network will enable industry affiliates to lower their operating overhead by offering large discounts on Fed Ex, UPS, Airborne Express, MCI long distance, DSL services, just to name a few. The publication side of the business will focus on all aspects of the industry ranging from competition to coalition, overhead to bottom line. Periodic Internet articles will be included, written by industry leaders, recognizable nation wide, zeroing in on pertinent issues within the industry. Advertisers will be able to link their sites for related products as well as purchase display area on the pages of the site. An “exchange” service will eventually be offered through the site creating an outlet for even more services, allowing the network to be able to offer an information exchange platform allowing independent freight brokers (3rd party providers) who currently service their own geographic footprint to expand their operations areas through network cooperation. The network, once in place, will enable them to link together, expanding their overall service areas. It will be different from any programs currently in place due to a very stringent qualification process and publication of each carrier’s pertinent information as follows: · Valid, proper insurance coverage for each carrier · Proper licensing in all areas carriers will operate · Drug testing for all carriers and associates · DOT Information for all operators ALL the above information will be available to brokers through the network as well as the carrier’s financial standings per Dunn & Bradstreet. (In stage two of this project, the customer will also have this information available to them as well as similar information regarding the broker.) This screening and qualifying process will enable brokers to find the best rate for their customer’s transportation needs and a system to process payment. The network will benefit brokers in the following ways: · Ability to purchase transportation cheaper · Real-time tracking and tracing · Cost efficiency Independent brokers who are primarily servicing their geographic regions will benefit by linking to national shippers. This will give the independent better transportation buying power than the majors with the security and efficiency of a national network. The system will also enable shippers (large volume customers) to be able to access the network hence bringing them the best possible prices with quality carriers, while they’ll enjoy the safety and security of dealing with the network. This final stage of the operation is a huge undertaking. Due to this fact, CyberArk plans to market the operating network company to only the biggest players in the industry, leaving the final portion of the plan in theory stages to be developed by those with the capital and industry contacts sufficient to develop the exchange properly. This project is multi-tiered and we believe a time frame of 2 years till completion is realistic. At that point, we will seek a large national or international suitor to purchase and run the network, and hopefully develop the exchange portion as our partner.

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